About Us

Above & Beyond Furniture is a local family business owned by the Schuk family since 2010. Owner/Manager Dave Schuk has nearly a decade of experience in the furniture business. When Dave and his family moved to South Carolina in 2009, they had to buy some furniture to start their new home and were disappointed at the high cost of new furnishings in the area.

Above & Beyond Furniture's goal is to offer excellent new furniture and mattresses at a very affordable rate. Our prices and expert service allow families to be able to take pride in their homes with beautiful and long-lasting furnishings, even in today’s uncertain economy. We also use our own in-house delivery team instead of contracting it out to ensure that you have the best service all the way to your door! If you are looking for excellent quality furniture, personal service and affordable prices, Above & Beyond Furniture is for you!

  • Family service

  • Fast and friendly low cost delivery

  • Great customer service

  • Knowledgeable and trained sales people

  • Guaranteed low prices on brand name furniture